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In September 1919, in response to a soldier's written inquiry about the "Jewish question," Hitler declared that rational anti-Semitism's "final aim must unshakably be the removal of the Jews altogether.
A considerable part of the French left still has an unshakably nostalgic view of revolution, so that the romanticism of the street eclipses the rationalism of the history books.
During her March 2-3 visit to Israel and talks with that country's leader, Mrs Clinton pledged that the Obama administration will unshakably support Israel's security and vigorously pursue the creation of a Palestinian state - she made the latter part of her point clear to PLO/Fatah-led Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud 'Abbas in Ramallah on March 4 before leaving for Europe.
One response is that if the natural world has no room for these things, and yet we are unshakably convinced of their reality, then they must be outside of nature-supernatural, infused into the universe by God.
I've met many visitors who land having decided, unshakably, that Americans are ignorant, over-talkative, shallow and fat.
Effective mentors are so unshakably convinced that we have greatness in us, and their vision of what is possible is so clear and powerful, that they wind up convincing us too.
But then, neither was that of the role's creator, Victor Maurel; and surely Opalach--with his almost-handsome, unshakably musical bass-baritone--knows what he's up to in the part, calibrating every effect for maximum impact with minimum fuss.
In the long term, though, adhering to such standards increases the credibility of what is an unshakably legitimate cause: that of defending one's own land.
And a bunch of guys who, fun-loving though they may be, are fiercely and unshakably committed to it.
Cezanne's landscapes, for all their staggering reconception of what a painting can be, are unshakably specific.
Even for someone with such an unshakably positive attitude, Lawrence admits he and his team-mates are starting to accept Sunderland's spell in the Premiership is unlikely to extend beyond this season.
By virtue of her acting chops and star power, Beals unshakably anchors the L Word ensemble as lipstick lesbian dynamo Bette Porter, who aspires to run the world and never break a sweat.