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Two former UN Assistant Secretary Generals - Hans von Sponeck and Denis Halliday - signed the Daily Mirror's Not In Our Name petition and said they were unshakeably opposed to war.
Another vital home game follows against Portsmouth on Saturday, and chairman Thompson is unshakeably optimistic that Gary Megson's team have the means and the will to start winning again.
Progress report: On his first trip to Los Angeles, for the Lakers' annual exhibition tournament in October, Kevin Garnett sounded unshakeably confident.
Having dumped McGeeney on his backside in the first few moments to set the tone, he went on to have a central influence on the victory and looks unshakeably confident.
Yet, proof against all the trials and difficulties, the gullibility of a naive investing public kept it unshakeably loyal to railway stocks and shares.
IT didn't make very good reading to those of us who remain unshakeably convinced that six numbers are bound to answer a prayer one day, but last Saturday's National Lottery jackpot pool was good news in another sense.
The Blaenau Gwent constituency has been unshakeably the party's stronghold in Wales for generations.
Although she grew up without a father, Kelly, as unshakeably positive as ever, is firm in her belief that she has lucked out 'because I've got three parents' (the third being Matthew Knowles, her manager).
For those of you glued to election night coverage in 1997, you will remember that the fall of the once unshakeably blue Edgbaston gained the same iconography in political history as the winning of Basildon for the Conservatives.