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Or perhaps I'm just perplexed because my libido remains unshaken by the sight of Mr Savchenko's torso.
LEE KEEGAN says Mayo's All-Ireland belief remains unshaken as they return to Croke Park this evening.
Hasaka, SANA -- Hasaka Governor Mohammad Za'al al-Ali stressed on Sunday that the students are determined to successfully continue their final exams, with their will unshaken by the terrorists' attempts to intimidate them into dropping out.
My confidence in Kenya is unshaken," said the under-secretary-general and host of the UNEA event, Achim Steiner.
It includes copies of the documents with which he was notified of his dismissal and subsequent statements he has made expressing his unshaken belief that "the ordination of women in the Catholic church is inevitable, because it is rooted in Love, justice and equality.
I have been banned from entering Saudi Arabia solely for my views and my position against the coup in Egypt, and I say that my love for Saudi Arabia and its people is unshaken and that ideas can [never] be banned," Suwaidan wrote on his Twitter account on Sunday.
And providing that remains unshaken, he could trouble the 2005 world champion.
THAT previously unshaken British tradition, the family Sunday roast is on hold for many as the cost of motoring soars.
He also hailed Sudanese firm and unshaken support for Bahrain despite regional upheavals.
The market was unshaken by UK economic growth figures, which revealed GDP grew at 0.
At the (trilateral) meeting held last December, we were able to show our unshaken solidarity between the three countries of Japan, the United States and South Korea.
The aggravated insects were then compared to unshaken bees.