unshaken belief

See: credence
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Thanks to her firm unshaken belief in the good tidings transmitted to her by the Angel Gabriel, the Enunciated Virgin became the mother of the Divinely Incarnated One, Rahi said.
It includes copies of the documents with which he was notified of his dismissal and subsequent statements he has made expressing his unshaken belief that "the ordination of women in the Catholic church is inevitable, because it is rooted in Love, justice and equality.
The other side of such pathos is Vater Staat (Father State), 2011, by Thomas Sehutte, which reminds some of Kafka's gatekeeper in "Before the Law," the story that gives this exhibition its title, but in fact would tit better in The Lord of the Rings: That's how anachronistic and otherworldly--at best ironic--this work appears in its unshaken belief in the continuing validity of an antipatriarchal critique of the state in the era of post-Fordist global capitalism.
The sight of 24-year-old Vettel celebrating a second title also strengthened Button's unshaken belief that he could yet add another to his own single crown.
Commenting on the National Assembly and Presidential elections scheduled for November this year, Kaaronda said the union noted with pleasure the progress "our country has made under the leadership of the Swapo-Party, and reaffirmed its unshaken belief that the Swapo-Party is indeed the only party worthy of leading our country towards Vision 2030 and beyond".
The Boro chairman expressed his unshaken belief in McClaren's ability to bring further success to the Boro.
You have to have an unshaken belief in yourself, work harder than the next guy, and do whatever it takes with determination.
Against such vacillations, the Church Universal maintains her unshaken belief that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered and that no civil legislation is to be introduced to protect behaviour to which no one has any conceivable right.
As the years went by and German males continued to be absent, more and more of the women were willing to enter into illicit liaisons with foreigners, belying the leaders' "claim of the youths'" unshaken belief in a glorious future for Germany.
Over' the years, in class after class, I have lectured, given workshops and talked about technique, with the unshaken belief that we can all access them to a certain extent.
In a classic illustration of Washington bureaucrats' unshaken belief that they know better than local officials, businesses and taxpayers how to spend the latter's money, these unelected political appointees have come up with yet another boondoggle, designed to separate us from our hard-earned dollars.
Diligence and an unshaken belief in the economic and ecologic benefits of composting have brought us to this point.