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the unshared option) or $75 for themselves and $75 for various persons (ranging from their dearest friend or relative to someone who was a mere acquaintance).
So when Murphy says that the current system creates a 'non-sustainable model,' the real problem from the Packers' standpoint arises from the fact that other teams are experiencing enough of a rise in local, unshared revenues to chew more deeply into the Packers' total profits, since player costs are determined by the combined revenues of all teams," Florio said.
WHAT MAKES JOHN AN OUTLAW GOSPEL IS NOT SIMPLY that it was written late (near the end of the first century) nor that its content is largely unshared by the others (90 percent of John's text is unique to this evangelist).
But we also argue that in the process of developing intelligence, we may have experiences which are unshared and temporarily not communicable.
Johnson, suffering from a surfeit of unshared enthusiasm for the Foxhunter, ploughs on regardless, finally stopping, to a round of applause, at 11.
One byproduct of focusing on the Communist era is contested interpretations or a sense of unshared history.
Schlubby Aubrey, a family friend, shutters his longtime dream of a French restaurant almost as soon as he opens it--his fondness for offal, for instance tongue in rhubarb hollandaise, going unshared by the locals.
The target of the OPC Server is to transfer data through unshared communication channels to the physical devices.
FARC has only one objective: Power, total and unshared.
A lot of [the novel] is subtle and gently troubling: [Z's] perfectly guiltless reading of his private diaries while he is away, her incapacity or refusal to understand what is important about privacy; his incapacity or refusal to commit himself to their relationship, from which he increasingly pulls away, cherishing his unshared selfhood, his precious privacy.
Information on an inmate's propensity to self-injure or risk of assault was unrecorded or unshared.
When Penelope's grandmother dies suddenly, Penelope is left to discover some of the story that was left unshared and find out how her grandmother and the Queen were forever linked.