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eurie A hidden profile is typically the best or among the best decisions (the "profile") that could be rendered by a group, but one that is obscured because the information indicating its superiority is effectively "hidden" in pockets of the group's unshared (individually possessed) knowledge.
The report said that the tool which allows users to take down their profiles for sometime, posed a threat because of the flaw with which the contact details that were meant to be left unshared like a private work line, or a mobile number could have been revealed to an unknown number of individuals.
However, the knowledge of injustice, bigotry or disinformation that continues unabated is still unshared by enough to make needed changes.
KAL said that the Monday badminton group had expressed their concerns about not hearing calls a few years ago and at the time they had been offered a number of alternative times and venues where they could practice in an unshared hall if they preferred.
presents a concise account of the organic chemistry of elements of groups 15, 16, and 17 bearing unshared electron pair(s), and elements of groups 1, 2, and 12-18 in which valence electrons reside in sp orbitals.
Our insane asylums are full of women, who, leaning on some human heart for love and sympathy, and meeting only misappreciation have gone there, past the Cross, where alone they could have laid down burdens too heavy to bear unshared .
The author discusses 10 topics and says, practically, all these were some sort of a 'revelation' and that it would have been selfish and a shame if left unshared.
We urge people who do not want to give continuing or even greater importance to unshared religions in our public life to tick 'No Religion' in the census.
Rachlin (1993) proposed that the sharing of a reward also leads to the discounting of its value relative to an unshared one, and thus "social discounting" can be described by a similar mathematical equation:
When children sleep on their backs on a firm, unshared mattress, they breathe easily and are least prone to Sids.
Phosphine, PR3, is a three-coordinated organophosphorus compound comprising three covalent bonds and an unshared electron pair.