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This article focuses on the known advantages of shielded CAT 6A cabling systems over unshielded CAT 6A cabling systems.
The VERICOM July 2012 Dog Days of Summer Savings applies only to our VERICOM CAT5E 24 Port Unshielded Patch Panels with back to back RJ-45 connectors, item number MPP5U-01359.
To convince management that unshielded twisted pair would be just as reliable as shielded, we had AT&T's Bell Labs' folks put it through all sorts of tests that would prove its reliability.
MMPDS is designed to support DNDO's objective of preventing nuclear terrorism with technology capable of rapidly scanning cargo and passenger vehicles for both shielded and unshielded nuclear threats at land and sea ports," said DSIC Chief Operating Officer Jay M.
Total quantity or scope: - Lot 1: Signal cables with copper conductors, PVC or polyethylene insulation and PVC or polyethylene jacket, unshielded (CSYAbY or CS2YAbY or CS2XAbY or CS2YAb2Y): 768.
VERICOM CAT5E unshielded riser cable is rated to 350 MHz, offers premium performance, footage markers for length used and length remaining and is available for immediate use in these growing market segments.
As the world's first to deliver 100Mbps over unshielded single twisted pair cable, the BroadR-Reach automotive portfolio enables auto manufacturers and OEMs to migrate from multiple closed applications in vehicles to an open, scalable Ethernet-based network.
For example, at 16 Mbps, lobe or RI/RO distances of 300 meters with category 5 unshielded twisted pair and 400 meters using category 5 shielded twisted pair are supported.
When planning the network infrastructure design for the Fengtai Softball Field, we considered the benefits of a variety of solutions and found ADC's TrueNet Unshielded Twisted Pair cabling to be both economical and easy to install," said Jianying Yan, general manager of Xi'an Si Lian, main contractor of the Fengtai Softball Field.
24 /PRNewswire/ -- Fore Systems said today it plans to enhance its line of ATM adapters to include support for unshielded twisted pair and SONET/SDH physical layer interfaces.