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Vishnu Reddy, Planetary Science Institute Research Scientist and lead author of "Chelyabinsk meteorite explains unusual spectral properties of Baptistina Asteroid Family", said that the Chelyabinsk meteorite has both bright unshocked and dark shocked material, however, the details of the spectra of the dark Chelyabinsk material closely reproduces spectral signatures seen with members of the Baptistina Asteroid Family.
Moreover, since we always already understood the animal as threatened--since we mourn its loss in advance, even now--we are unshocked and, thus, unchanged by its demise.
Breeding only from these unshocked crossveinless flies in a normal environment produced strains in which the crossveinless trait was almost 100% (Waddington, 1953).
2004) reported occasional quartz grains with impact-induced planar fractures (PFs) and planar deformation features (PDFs) in a mass of unshocked grains of the ejecta deposits.
I for one was mildly surprised by how relatively unshocked most people were by the suggestion that Our Greatest President may have had sex with other men.
I alone was unshocked, but then I'd been there before, when, as a 19- year-old, I ill-advisedly antagonised a well-dressed 40ish woman driving a Rover.
The unshocked meat proved "so tough you could hardly chew it," Long says.
Measurements of the magnetic characteristics of the shocked crystals confirm they can carry larger superconducting currents than unshocked samples.