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There should be at least one to two inches of unshorn wool on this side of the backbone.
If Cather wanted to "unfurnish" the novel and Fitzgerald too, at least in Gatsby, sought a modernist slimness and symbolism, Dreiser clung to an unshorn fullness of detail.
But it also has become a rather ragged woodland - with some trees unshorn for years.
Pure Sikhs were those who belonged to the Khalsa and wore the five signs of Sikhism, including the unshorn hair (and thus the turban), the dagger and the steel bangle.
This, I know from my days as a prisoner, means the clientele are, for the most part, traditional criminals, surly, brutish, hard-drinking louts, ragged and unshorn, whose silence is probably no great loss to the world's accumulated wisdom.
Left unshorn, this grassy patch simulates a mountain meadow.
Ostracized, unkempt, unshorn, he sheltered and foraged as a solitary animal.
Five articles of faith are required to wear by baptized Sikhs, the Kirpan, the Kara, a steel bracelet, the Kachhehra, a type of shorts, kes, the unshorn hairs and the Kangha, a comb, which is further covered by a turban.
But he can still whip out a pair of hand-clippers if he finds a unshorn ewe out on the hills during summer.
New rules introduced this year led to warnings that shearing gangs would stay away and result in millions of British sheep remaining unshorn during the hottest months.
An hour in the Jim Crow car, two more by wagon, along fields his parents once cropped, the late corn, the unshorn cotton, the scent of grinding cane, the weave of his mother's dress, the crevices in the joints of his fingers, everything veiled in that fine, fine red dust, same red as the leaves overhead.