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On that night, too, more of the scattered remnants of the mob were traced to their lurking-places, and taken; and in the hospitals, and deep among the ruins they had made, and in the ditches, and fields, many unshrouded wretches lay dead: envied by those who had been active in the disturbances, and who pillowed their doomed heads in the temporary jails.
Tenders are invited for Unshrouded Push Button Actuator Suitable For 30.
The magazine release is an unshrouded button located on the left front of the magazine well.
HPRC's technology is based on an innovative architecture which combines shrouded and unshrouded impellers on a single, high-speed shaft, achieving higher efficiency than any other available technology thanks to full 3D aerodynamic profiles derived by aircraft engine.
Mohamed Samraoui's "Bloodshed Years" are books, among others, that unshrouded the most enshrouded shocking facts about the Algerian military institutions.
Other men, he says, also "find the mirk gruesome / among the dead unshrouded.
The work had already been seen in progress and unshrouded by numerous visitors, and apparently it was Buchel's objection to this, and to certain aspects of Mass MOCA'S work on the installation, that prompted the museum to launch defensive litigation--the first time a US art institution has ever sought legal sanction to present work against an artist's will.
24, 2001, at A26; The Face of Liberation, Unshrouded, L.
While she strips herself naked in body and soul every time they make love, he remains shrouded, and so she leaves him, not for some mythically unshrouded man but for what she believes to be the naked truth of herself.
According to Bard, "The continuous-dress creep-feed system we're supplying for Pratt & Whitney is a fully automated, computer-controlled system for manufacturing shrouded and unshrouded turbine blades.
The AMP CT series connectors consist of shrouded and unshrouded headers.