unskilled person

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While the MGNREGS took care of unemployment among unskilled persons in the villages, the Congress knows it needs to address joblessness among the youth in urban and semi- urban areas this time.
The slight decrease in crime is due to a wide variety of reasons -- one of which is the availability of more jobs for unskilled persons in the crime-prone age category.
It requires little imagination to recognize that a firearm is an inherently dangerous tool that poses numerous risks in the hands of unskilled persons.
The government had focused to promote the industrial activities in Mirpur and Bhimbher districts under the spirit to provide more job opportunities to the unemployed skilled and unskilled persons, he added.
While unskilled persons from Tamil Nadu head to countries in the Middle East and South East Asia, the educated migrants plot their way to destination countries in Europe.
Tenders are invited for Providing Skilled And Unskilled Persons To The O/O The Ddg-Sr, Ce-Szi, Rti,Ca-Sr / Sa-Sz-I, Ccc-I, Ccdii, Ccsd1/Ii,Ccsd 2/Ii And Ccsd4/Ii, Cpwd, Chennai For 6 Months, Chargeable To The 1.
Ministries and public-sector corporations will also ink short and long-term plans to launch various development projects which would also new avenues of employment for unemployed educated youths including for the job-less skilled and unskilled persons.
He said that neither an appeal was filed against the court decision, which was not only against the FDE but also has put the future of the young general at stake as their future has been given in the hands of incompetent and unskilled persons.
Tenders are invited for Providing services of skilled & unskilled persons under Malegaon Division under Malegaon Circle.
He said that the foreign exchange sent by the unskilled persons is almost half as compared to that of the other countries.
ll/Computer Operator/Skilled/ Unskilled persons for Office Job Works /2017-18