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often the product of over-sized egos and unskillful interactions--a
Similarly, Ruffle (1998) found that, when asked what offer they hypothetically would have made in their counterpart's position, the unskillful recipients (those whose effort on a general knowledge test led to the smaller of two pie sizes for the pair) would have offered substantially more than their counterparts actually did.
Therefore, two issues must be considered: 1) the elimination of figure-ground effects (Dent 1999), which can be provoked by an unskillful choice of colors and can lead to a wrong user perception of the map content; and 2) the agreement between the semantic importance of an object class (given by the map purpose) and its visual weight.
Yangon has not been unskillful in its stonewalling, playing one interlocutor off against another, buying time and doing just enough to foil a consensus against it, such as by forging commercial deals with China and India.
Some of the apparently desultory character of Adney's work may be an impression created by the unskillful apportionment of his manuscripts among several repositories.
Kyogen creates a comic response to this theme by presenting a character who has gone mad for far more trivial reasons, such as in Yuzen, which presents the ghost of Yuzen, who was known as the most unskillful umbrella maker in Japan and whose umbrellas were so poorly made that no one bought them, driving him to insanity and death.
37) The city engineer endorsed their recommendation but, as members of the OHS recalled with some impatience in 1911, "No action has been taken, which is unfortunate, because so many of our beautiful shade trees are being destroyed through unskillful pruning and the reckless way various companies .
See Hall, supra note 60, at 491 (quoting Blackstone's assertion that suits against physicians for "neglect or unskillful management" are allowed because such failure "breaks the trust" placed in the physician).
What made the president so skillful and unskillful is the stuff of guesswork, for none of his intimates, even Harry Hopkins, knew why.
The `Just 'ave it' ad, a spoof of Nike's `Just do it' advertising tack, features a still from the current John Smith's television commercial in which comedian Peter Kaye, playing an overweight and unskillful footballer, hoofs a ball into someone's garden.
Almost every aspect of Ravelstein's physical body is enormous: his "long, long legs," his "large face," his "gross" ears, his "big, unskillful hand" with its "long fingers," and above all his "bald, powerful head," its very baldness mentioned repetitively, obsessively even, coming up at least a dozen times.
The report further stated that unskillful care did not cause the injury: "Documentation indicates the injection was given in the proper anatomical location, right ventrogluteal muscle.