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And in reacting, the government has sometimes manipulated institutions unskillfully but later regained its artfulness.
lets down her guard against imperfect charity and unskillfully wounds
The deceased patient's son and daughter brought suit against their mother's attending physicians and Redding Medical Center, alleging that the defendants failed to exercise the degree of knowledge and skill proper in their profession and negligently and unskillfully performed and assisted during the surgeries and after the surgeries, and that the patient died as a direct and proximate result of the alleged negligence.
Raskolnikov, nervous throughout, unskillfully rifles a locked trunk (overlooking a purse around the old woman's neck), coming up with money and a few items pawned by others.
Art schools are not so interested in the acquisition of skills as in drawing out the student's creative capacity and ideas, which are sometimes very immature and quite unskillfully performed.
Unskillfully, however, as they use the musket, such is the general dread of its effects that the strength of a tribe is not how calculated so much by its number as by the quantity of firelocks it can bring into action (Cruise, p.
But the transferral of the adjective "ill" behind the word "deeds" (to form the antimetabole) creates a secondary reading of the phrase (one that Braunmuller regards as the primary meaning): John laments that often the sight of the means to do "poorly or unskilfully accomplished acts" makes the deeds performed by these agents poorly or unskillfully done (Braunmuller 226).
He was seriously wounded in the battle but survived to have his leg unskillfully amputated.