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Better still, unsnap the blower attachment, connect the vacuum nozzle, and suck the leaves up and through the mulching function into the attached rugged bag.
I tried to take my helmet off, to unsnap the snaps with my hand, and it .
Cut or unsnap the line and let them go (the hook will quickly corrode away).
After presenting your pistol, simply unsnap the soft loop from your belt and remove the VG2.
Unsnap the weight at the boat, and the loop will pass through rod guides and allow the long leader to wind onto the reel as you bring your catch close for the gaff or net.
It was an unfamiliar vehicle and while I could unsnap the seatbelt when seated in the vehicle without stress, once the exercise began, I reverted to the habits ingrained with years of releasing a seatbelt of a completely different design and manufacture.
Unsnap the cover, flip it over, and the Venture case works as a stable stand, ready to take notes or show your presentation at a moment's notice.
When they had been living together and she'd asked him to help unzip a dress or unsnap the clasp of a necklace, he'd done so with a vague annoyance.
After the repair we snap and unsnap them a few times to make sure they're fixed and don't spin.
So I simply sink to one knee, unsnap an arrow from my bow quiver, and fit its nock to the string.
According to the defendant, he saw the victim unsnap a knife sheath on his belt, and seeing that, the defendant pulled out a handgun that was in a jacket pocket and shot the victim once in the chest,'' Deputy District Attorney Greg Denton said.
To empty the Smoker's Sidekick(TM), simply unsnap the top and dispose of butts properly.