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134) Under these circumstances, the Supreme Court set aside the judgment of the High Court noting, "[t]hey will be treated as divorced in Nevada but their bond of matrimony will remain unsnapped in India, the country of their domicile.
One must have a collar that can be unsnapped or unbuckled; collars that slip over the dog's head won't work with this design.
He also offers the 120 Lawrence with a long safety strap which can be unsnapped very quickly and also folded back under the belt when not in use.
It's whisper soft, waterproof and breathable, with an adjustable billed hood and a unique ducktail built into the jacket that can be unsnapped, in the event of foul weather, to extend the length of the garment.
ourous beautiful head of hair in the waist unsnapped and et.
Angela bent down and unsnapped the velcro on her sneakers and took them off.
When she came onstage and took her initial bow, most of the 20 snaps holding her dress together suddenly unsnapped.
at bony wrists & ankles & the crotch unsnapped.
Carry the halter, unbuckled or unsnapped, in your left hand.
All eight pads inside the helmet had come unsnapped.