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When she came onstage and took her initial bow, most of the 20 snaps holding her dress together suddenly unsnapped.
at bony wrists & ankles & the crotch unsnapped.
All eight pads inside the helmet had come unsnapped.
To pick crops the clips are just unsnapped and the plastic pulled up.
The snaps suggested a flexibility to the vaginal form and more importantly the potential for interaction: as Douglas Crimp observed in his 1972 review, the viewer might imagine the work having come unfixed from the wall, undone, unsnapped in wanton abandon.
Jan unsnapped and unzipped her jeans and said, "Look," as the pants went slithering to the floor.
I motioned for him to go on, then bent and unsnapped Kenai.
She unsnapped her purse and pulled out a calling card.
Then I unsnapped the flashlight that, amazingly, was still with me.
Between the time the officer unsnapped his holster and withdrew his revolver, wasn't he aware that Anthony Lee had not fired his ``realistic-looking'' gun and then able to make a judgment call after taking some form of cover, like maybe taking two steps away from the window?