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It included a promise of an 11% rise in basic pay, but the BMA said this was misleading as it was offset by curbs to other elements of the pay package, including unsociable hours payments.
The junior doctors fiasco tells us that Jeremy Hunt is trying to "gift wrap" an 11% wage increase with one hand and relieving them of unsociable pay increments with the other.
Perhaps he was hoping they would be too exhausted after a 90-hour week to read the new contracts and spot that they were going to end up earning less and working more unsociable hours.
Extra payments for unsociable working will be earned only outside of these times.
But the Government wants to change this so unsociable hours payments do not begin until 10pm and Saturdays will no longer come with a higher rate of pay.
You need a lot of patience for this job, the ability to look after your own health during unsociable shifts, discipline in getting up at the crack of dawn, and plenty of compassion.
You should have a flexible attitude towards your working hours as long and unsociable hours are unsociable hours are sometimes part of the job, as is working under pressure and to strict deadlines.
Suppliers should note that staff may be required to work unsociable hours which would therefore require transport to be provided during those unsociable hours.
If a business that is situated among private dwellings causes problems such as noise, rubbish, unsociable parking or anything that disrupts quality of life, residents are within their rights to complain to the council, which is obliged to take the necessary action.
The history of penalty rates is not just a story of the evolution of compensation for unsociable hours; it is also the history of an Australia that recognises the social and community importance of the weekend.
Examples of unreasonable behaviour given to lawyers for divorce include an unsociable husband making his wife feel guilty when she wanted to go out with her friends; a cross-dressing husband who decided to have a sex change; and a spouse withdrawing all the family savings - 40,000 pounds - and burning it in the bedroom.
The job is full–time and involves unsociable hours.