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Perhaps, as a way of keeping their name and honour unsoiled in the future, our ambassadors in Addis Ababa, and the few disgruntled staff members at the OAU headquarters who were also angry because we had exposed their bad ways, would care to remember--always--what our elders say in Ghana: "You cannot hide behind your finger.
Confined to the last three unsoiled rooms of his 15-building complex that lay in rubble, he declared his wish for martyrdom.
I prefer clean costumes, unsoiled by food, the elements, or over-long wear.
As space was usually limited in the forward platoon and section areas, by the time a locality had been occupied for up to two years there was very little, if any, unsoiled ground.
The nailed-down concept, in which customers buy warehoused furniture rather than the display model on the floor, keeps the showrooms nicer in vignette form and gives the customer the opportunity to buy unsoiled merchandise.
He passed from one Cabinet to the other, from the Prime Minister who was his champion [Asquith] to the Prime Minister who had been his most severe critic [Lloyd George], like a powerful, graceful cat walking delicately and unsoiled across a rather muddy street.
Mountains and unsoiled forests were now only in the past.
He acquires the "bloody shoes" of one whose hands are unsoiled by Nazi crimes but with the generic guilt of the chance survivor of a brutal regime.
Sam suggests that everyone work together to make one quilt out of the unsoiled parts and the resulting quilt wins the blue ribbon.
Neutral odors were provided by 50 ml of unsoiled bedding.
Also, when total wear-time is considered, a diaper is unsoiled most of the time it is worn; when it becomes soiled it is usually changed.
Clean all surfaces to ensure an unsoiled connection between posts and cables.