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The paper-mould's similarly once unsolid waspnest-blue, snow- white, or seashell-gray rags, [which] seen through, show sheepcotes, turkey- mills, acorns, and anvils.
Whatever transpires in the next round of experiments, it seems certain that the unsolid nature of some solids will continue to confound.
Metaphorically, as we have seen, people felt themselves to be "wandering in the darkness," (86) treading on unsolid ground, (87) and finding that the "foundations" had been so "shattered" by "time" as to have left only "indeterminacy" (neopredelennost') (88) The words just quoted came from religious writers, but the secular Left shared these views.
Let us hope that Messrs Robinson, McGinn, Peat and McBeth have the same clear, unsolid motives.