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In the second MTS task (U), the task was unsolvable, meaning that there was no relationship between antecedent stimuli and response feedback.
The study also showed a 31 percent increase in negative emotional responses of nap-deprived toddlers when they attempted to complete unsolvable puzzles when compared with puzzle-solving attempts after they had napped.
The unsolvable problem that Grainger talked about was brought to the fore several times at the panel discussion titled, "Does online education deliver?
Figures obtained from 12 police forces in England and Scotland show that they, too, view almost 40 per cent of crime as unsolvable and therefore not worth investigating.
N-Body Gravitational Problem: Unrestricted Solution" attempts to solve the unsolvable by offering a possible solution to one of the most controversial and debated topics in modern physics--the N-body gravitational problem.
In fact, they use mystery man Jack Spinner's help twice to solve unsolvable financial problems.
Raymond is unusually short, and his host of unsolvable medical problems causes the adults in his life to frequently underestimate his abilities and to impose their own ideas of his limitations.
Because in all probability a few details would have been taken, my granddaughter would have been more frightened than she already was, the crime treated as unsolvable and forgotten all about.
That figure is slightly down from the 2005 figure of 52,048 crimes being declared unsolvable, but just under 10,000 up on the 39,769 figure given for 2004.
Upon reaching the final chapter, a reader hungers for solutions to what seems like an unsolvable problem.
We go through phases; this latest outing was to address these two remaining, unsolvable, classic mathematics problems.
That the problem of language was unsolvable no matter how clearly He