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These are just some of the adverse consequences of an unsolvable problem we would have little control over.
3million in acquiring half of some form of ownership of a football club whose future is questionable and whose actual management structure is akin to an unsolvable Gordian knot, how can anyone not see this rebuilding as anything other than a fantastic investment?
And now, this habit has become their own unsolvable problem.
This book is intended as a scholarly exploration of Shakespeare's plays as problem plays, as they regularly present unsolvable moral dilemmas as well as often defying the reader's attempts at classification by genre, thus inviting further meditation.
The other column represents unsolvable concerns which can either be imagined, assumed or real.
Specifically, in this study, we aim to use a basic, laboratory design to compare participants' preference for a solvable laboratory task (one in which contingent feedback is presented based upon consistent contingencies) to a formally similar but unsolvable task (one in which noncontingent feedback and inconsistent contingencies are presented), with the amount of positive feedback in the two tasks held constant.
For the first two sets Sunday, Nadal looked like the King of the Clay, alternately bullying Djokovic, then frustrating him as Djokovic tried to solve the nearly unsolvable riddle of Nadal at Roland Garros.
Around a third of all crimes including sex attacks, robberies, drug use, fraud, burglaries and theft are deemed unsolvable hours after an allegation is made.
The study also showed a 31 percent increase in negative emotional responses of nap-deprived toddlers when they attempted to complete unsolvable puzzles when compared with puzzle-solving attempts after they had napped.
Professor John Grainger, pro-vice chancellor and executive VP at Murdoch University, International Study Centre, Dubai said, "The decision for and against online education seems to me to be an unsolvable problem, where some academicians still prefer conventional education other prefer to capitalise on the technology and Internet to go beyond traditional barriers.
Suitable for 12-16 year olds it is also a great story full of loveable characters and not unsolvable teenager dilemmas.