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Then, in July, the Chinese government announced it would ban by the end of the year 24 types of recyclable materials, including unsorted paper and low-grade plastics used by consumers, that have anything more than minute traces of food, garbage or other contamination.
Sukleen] sorts around 200-300 tons of waste a day, but 1,200-1,500 tons are being brought here, unsorted.
Impact will work directly with unsorted and domestic waste and will combine some of the outputs from this stream with selected commercial modified cellulose products which are currently not recycled.
The OCC paper grade is a well-established one among scrap paper traders and mill buyers, providing one good reason for C&D recyclers to recover this material from the unsorted stream that flows into their plants.
and Battelle, Columbus, Ohio, recycles unsorted Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into safe usuable products, decreasing cities' dependence on landfills.
Also, the amount of authorised fishing gear would be reduced and a sampling system for unsorted industrial herring and sprat catches would be introduced, to improve monitoring.
The first section as a whole is an unsorted and entertaining confusion that provides a kaleidoscopic vision of the passing centuries.
Environment Secretary Margaret Beckett is said to have outlined how to grant powers to allow local authorities at their discretion to charge householders for the collection, processing and disposal of unsorted household waste.
Whereas it takes injections of many thousands of unsorted breast cancer cells to trigger a tumor in such rodents, transplanting as few as 100 of the CD44-bearing cancer cells reliably generated the cancer.
This identity crisis, together with the massacres in the Middle East in March and April 2002 and my unsorted attachment to a friend back home, put me on the edge of depression.
There's no more queuing at the bank and there's no need to sort it or count it either - simply pour the unsorted coins into the machine and Coinstar does the rest.