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Impact will work directly with unsorted and domestic waste and will combine some of the outputs from this stream with selected commercial modified cellulose products which are currently not recycled.
Whereas it takes injections of many thousands of unsorted breast cancer cells to trigger a tumor in such rodents, transplanting as few as 100 of the CD44-bearing cancer cells reliably generated the cancer.
This identity crisis, together with the massacres in the Middle East in March and April 2002 and my unsorted attachment to a friend back home, put me on the edge of depression.
There's no more queuing at the bank and there's no need to sort it or count it either - simply pour the unsorted coins into the machine and Coinstar does the rest.
The unsorted pen of 15 pigs stayed together in the same pen from weaning to slaughter.
Today is the last day for Oregonians to dig those ballots from beneath the stacks of unsorted mail, punch out the chad of their choice, and help decide Oregon's future.
A patented compounding process agglomerates dirty, unsorted mixed plastics, including oil-bottle flake and mixtures of household and industrial waste.
For example, 10 boxes contained unsorted photographic negatives that will require intensive review.
In parallel with the research work, a 30 x 40 ft facility is being built to house the LIBS equipment, piles of sorted and unsorted wood, and the conveyor belt that brings the wood past the detection system.
The holdings may be warehouses full of poorly organized boxes, crates of unsorted microfiche or non-indexed reels of computer tape.
Normal, unsorted sperm populations contain approximately equal amounts of X- and Y-bearing sperm, but the new technique can dramatically alter that ratio, it said.