unsound argument

See: fallacy
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Suffice it to say, among those supporting the boycott, and even many moderates, the messages generated by the petroleum company would have carried more weight if they had been approved by somebody in their employ (but not in their pocket) with the power to overturn or reject fallacy or unsound argument.
This confrontation worsened following the approval of the Ley Organica de Comunicacion--known in journalistic circles as the "gag law," which was used to control media activity and facilitate a series of lawsuits against the media based on weak or unsound arguments.
People continually claim that black is white and white is black, stick two fingers up to everyday realities - and are taken aback if they don't win their unsound arguments.
De-Anne Kelly) which considered this matter is to be complimented for not allowing itself to be pressured into accepting unsound arguments from Mr.