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Robinson, who interviewed veterans in preparation for the novel, is unsparingly forensic in her account of this proud ex-soldier's tortured inability to readjust to civilian life.
Having been yourself afflicted with physical tortures and spiritual sufferings you did not break down, but still unsparingly served others, co-creating homes for children and adults.
For sure you will not learn that from any Hollywood movie that still treats the Foreign Service unsparingly, unjustly and, usually, ignorantly.
Chemotherapy that will limit the extent of ovarian reserve should not be used unsparingly.
But she also unsparingly conveys the one-sided "Mad Men kind of atmosphere" and the magazine's failure to enforce appropriate standards and to treat women and men equitably.
First performed in this country in 1991, Dancing at Lughnasa is a tragedy disguised as a comedy, a tender yet unsparingly truthful tale of how the coming of modernity wreaks havoc on a close-knit Irish family during two warm summer days in 1936.
This is not to suggest that love is used unsparingly, or that individuals always and at all times substitute love for interests where possible when dealing with others.
The contrast between wistfully imagined wealth ("silver and gold") and the cruel physical realities of everyday life are unsparingly recorded in 'Higgledy Piggledy':
Akpan renders the desperation and tragedy unsparingly.
But that was what she liked after her taxing day's work, after the hard classes, in which she gave willingly and unsparingly of herself with no apparent return.
Mudrick's derogatory reference is to Mackenzie's novel The Man of Feeling (1771), a prime example of what Mudrick calls a "lachrymose novel" (5), the kind that Austen parodied so unsparingly in her juvenilia.