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Her father lived in Lucknow--the city of gold and silver--and she depicts it in the manner of a native: that is to say, lovingly but unsparingly.
She unsparingly recounts her snuggles to cope with the lingering effects of trauma: nightmares, sobbing fits, alcoholism.
Former Prime Minister Sir John Major said: "Leon Brittan had one of the most acute and perceptive brains in politics and he used it unsparingly for the public good.
NEW YORK) The popular reception of Kunath's latest show emphasized its unsparingly earnest affective delight, exemplified by the painting emblazoned with the text FUCK IT, I LOVE YOU.
Venezuela's ambassador in Damascus Imad Saab signaled his country's readiness to unsparingly help Syria under the crisis engulfing it, pointing out that a joint committee has been set up to follow up on "investment keys".
Prime ministers, opposition leaders, premiers and kingmakers would drop in on the savvy Newman to chat about the pivotal issues of the day--knowing they'd be held to account unsparingly but in an evenhanded and decent way.
In February, when the FLN's leader, Amar Sdani, unsparingly attacked the DRS (Departement du Renseignement et de la Securite, the umbrella for the intelligence services) for being omnipresent in politics and failing to prevent major terrorist attacks, the outcry was remarkable.
Acharya Kripalani, he recalled, was unsparingly critical of Krishna Menon on repeated occasions on the floor of the Lok Sabha.
Speaking to reporters outside the prime minister's mansion, government spokesman Simon Kedikoglou said: "The murderers - whoever they are - will be dealt with unsparingly by our democracy.
The murderers -- whoever they are -- will be dealt with unsparingly by our democracy.
What nobody knew, however, was that most of the time he spent in that little room was obsessively devoted to a secret project: to write an exhaustively thorough account of his family's history and to maintain an even longer, unsparingly detailed record of everything that he, his relatives, his neighbours and his community experienced during his lifetime.
Such reservoirs of eloquence were drawn from the depths of human dignity that survived the scalding obscenity of the war Atkinson describes unsparingly.