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Former Welfare Reform Minister Frank Field said there had been a large increase in the number of people claiming benefit for conditions which were unspecific, claiming the system was a "racket".
Smith's legal argument states: "The allegations against him were unspecific and unclear.
Agama was the most likely cause for the gastroenteritic and unspecific symptoms experienced by our patient.
The major exciting question now is, whether specific and/or unspecific immune therapy will be able to overcome the paralysis of the immune system caused by HCV and whether this approach will enable us to eliminate the virus permanently.
When we are dealing with something which is an insurance against a very unspecific, very distant, possible set of circumstances, given that we can't afford to cover every eventuality with utter certainty, one has to look at how much one is prepared to pay for that insurance.
As amalgams of allusion and technique they would strain under their own ponderousness were it not for Tyson's cheekily punchy colors (often forming near-monochromatic single- or double-hued grounds of unspecific place and allusion) and perverse genetic mutations.
My sister also accused me of suffering from ``threat fatigue,'' that modern-day ``boy who cried wolf'' syndrome named for those who have begun to ignore warnings after being subjected to excessive frequent, vague and unspecific terror alerts.
Poor presentation and spelling mistakes Use of jargon Career gaps of more than a few months CV runs to 2+ pages Bad Paper quality Unspecific hobbies (eg reading, socialising)
You are 22 or 23 with no practical experience and possibly a degree that is so unspecific that you will still need to do further training in your chosen career in order to get ahead.
But Meale remains unspecific about the source of the funds.
The investigation of unspecific fluorescence was carried out with lipoproteins obtained after gel filtration of postprandial plasma.