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Makengi Location Chief Francis Kariuki said Nguru slaughtered the cow after being treated for an unspecified disease.
21m sold Bottle size: 500ml Caffeine: Unspecified amount Sugar: 18.
We created a list of codes from the International Classification of Disease, 10th revision (ICD-10), for unspecified possible neuroinfectious deaths by using previously published data (2), ICD-10 codes from death certificates of known PAM case-patients, and expert opinion.
The firm is said to be planning to close its 450-staff office in New Castle, Delaware and move an unspecified number of those jobs to the Buffalo Niagara region.
BEIRUT: An unknown group of men assaulted a police commissioner at the municipality of a south Lebanon town after he halted a unspecified violation, state media reported Thursday.
Hammad Hamid lodged a complaint with the Shahzad Town police that unidentified thieves broke into his hostel and made away with three laptops, an unspecified amount of cash and other important documents.
In Case 3 of our article, we described a patient who presented with unspecified catatonia after smoking a synthetic cannabinoid.
The other shareholders in Hatrurim, in which Delek Group discovered oil 20 years ago, are Zerah Oil and Gas Explorations with a 29 per cent stake, Ginko Oil Exploration with also 29 per cent, Israel Opportunity Energy Resources with 25 per cent, Ashtrom Group Ltd with 10 per cent and an unspecified company owned by Eliyahu Rosenberg with Ltd 2.
The decree said the three BBC journalists - two Britons and a Russian - and other reporters and media executives presented an unspecified "threat to national interests, national security, sovereignty or territorial integrity".
Premier Matteo Renzi has threatened an unspecified "Plan B" and his interior minister, Angelino Alfano, warned Sunday that the EU would find "a different Italy" if it doesn't endorse a refugee redistribution plan at an EU interior minister meeting this week.
One97 Communications (India)--Internet, unspecified round, $575 million
Alba was mentioned with 24 alleged violations, while squandered funds remain unspecified.