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It is a sign of the dominion of liturgy over art that Ferri's reliquary, and eventually a small army of silver statuettes by Antonio Arrighi (1740-43; mostly unspirited quotations of the heroic marbles in the nave of the Lateran, and subsequently deposited in the cathedral of Mdina) stood on the altar directly in front of Caravaggio's Beheading or the Baptist, thus blocking the canvas from view and surely helping to hold back Caravaggio's reputation well into the last century.
The campaign itself had been lifeless and unspirited.
With violence ready to overwhelm Carioca Hill at any moment, Orfeu and Euridice eventually consummate a love that has become overwhelming for both of them, although one would scarcely know it from the commonplace dramatic handling or from the unspirited playing, especially on the part of Franca, a skinny and listless actress whose recessive personality has all the spark of a wet matchbook.
Engineers' drawings are usually unspirited and tell the truth.