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All of them, however unspiritual on other days, were transfigured by the Sabbath influence; so that their very garments--whether it were an old man's decent coat well brushed for the thousandth time, or a little boy's first sack and trousers finished yesterday by his mother's needle--had somewhat of the quality of ascension-robes.
But that would be pauperizing them," said an earnest girl, who liked the Schlegels, but thought them a little unspiritual at times.
Some people also say that it is unspiritual to try to reason out the things that are to be believed.
The bitter truth is the international community has been hoodwinked into celebrating a spiritual discipline, which goes far beyond physical postures, in an unspiritual manner.
And then there are those who are pretty sure that they are OK with God, and your job is to fix it for those other poor, suffering, unspiritual, sinful folks.
You should love God unspiritually, that is, your soul should be unspiritual and stripped of all spirituality, for so long as your soul has a spirit's form, it has images, and so long as it has images, it has a medium, and so long as it has a medium, it has not unity or simplicity.
Just as the Spirit (JR, ruah) swept over the primordial waters at creation, it is the Holy Spirit who likewise gives life (Zwopoiew) through the regenerating waters of baptism while the flesh, merely material and unspiritual, is of no avail on its own.
Eating anything by killing is irreligious, unspiritual and unaesthetic.
A behind-the-scene glimpse, though, throws light on a rather unspiritual picture, one that reflects an alarming corrosion of secular values that is quite out of line with Jammu's characteristic tolerance of cultural diversity.
I was ashamed of myself in hindsight; if my former self had viewed her choice as unspiritual, I know now that my own rush to judge her was that and more.
the whole carnal and unspiritual appearance, seeming like a devilish mockery of Lucy's sweet purity," she has become a "Thing," a nightmarish simulacrum of the original human Lucy (190).
But perhaps reconciliation is relevant to the situation of the stranger: many spiritually oriented people believe in a benevolent God, and unspiritual people at the least have a schema regarding the safety of the world.