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These cruel and unsporting practices fly in the face of Maine's fair chase hunting heritage.
FERNANDO ALONSO cranked up his end-of-season battle with Michael Schumacher by slamming the seven-times champion as "the most unsporting driver in the history of Formula One".
Party political broadcasts seem so, well, unsporting.
Immediately after the restart Whitehead was shown the yellow card for unsporting behaviour and the Lambs were further rocked after Ben Smith's 65th-minute headed goal.
When unsporting incidents occur, we usually see only the end results.
PORTLAND, Maine, June 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting is calling on the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to put an end to bear baiting - an unsporting practice where piles of rotting meat, pizza and stale pastries lure bears in for an easy trophy kill - to prevent future human and bear conflicts.
Madrid reported Barca for unsporting conduct during last week's first leg at the Bernabeu, in which defender Pepe and coach Jose Mourinho were dismissed for the hosts, and have also accused Barca midfielder of Sergio Busquets of racially abusing their fullback, Marcelo.
Dani Alves, Pedro and Sergio Busquets were all accused of unsporting conduct by Madrid, while the latter is reported to have racially abused Real full-back Marcelo.
Surely it's unsporting of him not to allow us to take it.
Summary: Colin Montgomerie is confident the 2010 Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor will not suffer from unsporting crowd behaviour.
I WAS surprised to read Alastair Down's comments about Neptune Collonges' owner, John Hales, in Monday's Post, which referred to John's supposedly unsporting behaviour immediately after the Gold Cup.
I shall not be swayed by mistakes I made in the past orthose players and managers who are known to use psychological ploys to gain an unsporting advantage.