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England's Dele Alli, who has been handed a one-match ban by FIFA after he was found guilty of an offensive and unsporting gesture Adam Davy
FERNANDO ALONSO cranked up his end-of-season battle with Michael Schumacher by slamming the seven-times champion as "the most unsporting driver in the history of Formula One".
Party political broadcasts seem so, well, unsporting.
Northwich defender Mark Foran fouled Grazioli and was booked for unsporting behaviour.
Voters approved the law in 1994 to ban some inhumane and unsporting practices, and reaffirmed the ban two years later.
When unsporting incidents occur, we usually see only the end results.
Johnson accused Wolves central defender Danny Batth of unsporting behaviour for not playing a drop ball back to goalkeeper Richard O'Donnell after the game had been stopped when City's Luke Freeman was injured.
In the second half Montrose were reduced to ten men when Stuart Watson, who had been booked in the first half, was sent off by referee David Somers for unsporting behaviour after 68 minutes.
Dani Alves, Pedro and Sergio Busquets were all accused of unsporting conduct by Madrid, while the latter is reported to have racially abused Real full-back Marcelo.
Madrid reported Barca for unsporting conduct during last week's first leg at the Bernabeu, in which defender Pepe and coach Jose Mourinho were dismissed for the hosts, and have also accused Barca midfielder of Sergio Busquets of racially abusing their full-back, Marcelo.
Sportsmen are ambassadors of their nations and to act in an unruly and unsporting manner is not cricket.
Surely it's unsporting of him not to allow us to take it.