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Ms Hall, a member of the group MEPs Against Cancer, in the European Parliament added: "The rise in unstaffed salons and unregulated privately-operated sunbeds with high power lamps poses an additional risk to sunbed users.
The proliferation of high capacity circuits has increased the need for remote testing at unstaffed sites such as wireless base stations; areas where telecommunications equipment from different carriers is collocated; and remote outside plant locations.
Her mother Jill, from Barry Island, Vale of Glamorgan, said unstaffed sunbed salons posed "an enormous risk".
The Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE) also wants all unstaffed salons to be banned.
Currently the unstaffed base warns shoppers about the use of mobile phones when driving, keeping purses safe when shopping and gives advice about preventing sat nav theft.
This is more than all of the other 12 NHS trust vacancy figures put together, meaning crucial funding could be diverted to pay for expensive locum and agency staff to cover unstaffed shifts, it has been warned.
The law would license all salons and outlaw unstaffed and coin-operated premises.
Also under the bill, coin-operated and unstaffed premises would be outlawed.
Knowsley North MP George Howarth said: "Children aged 16 and under have easy walk-in access to unstaffed coin-operated tanning salons and some operators charge as little as 25p per minute for a session.
Durham North MP Kevan Jones has called for new Government restrictions on unstaffed coin-operated tanning salons to stop children getting skin damage.
In wireless networks, it provides flexibility in application and control of network facilities, by allowing the service provider to consolidate and remotely balance traffic loads at unstaffed points of the network, such as the cell site.
The findings, which will be presented at a conference in Cardiff today, come a week after a 14-year-old suffered extensive burns after using an unstaffed salon in Barry.