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His father hoped, in the fulness of time, to leave him the inheritance of an unstained key; and had from his early youth familiarised him with the duties of his office, and with an ambition to retain the prison-lock in the family.
I think decking is best left unstained to weather naturally, washed monthly with warm soapy water and a stiff bristle brush.
A study of people watching sad films found that those who had a bubble were significantly cheerier at the end of the movie than those whose cheeks remained unstained.
Different concentrations and unstained areas were separated by concentration categories (c) obtained from the standard solutions, classifying the image into four levels according to Weiler and Fluhler (2004): (i) unstained areas (c <0.
The hallmarks of a good collectable Stevengraph are brightly coloured silks, with an unstained and original card mount.
Her job after the first year was white-sanding chairs, which is sanding the unstained chairs.
ACCEPTS: New or used working appliances, wood and metal cabinets, carpet (no stains, no odors), all types of doors and windows (no broken glass, no rotten wood), usable electrical fixtures, hardware, lumber, usable plumbing fixtures, bundled roofing (no scraps), tile working power tools, unstained furniture (no rips, no tears), books and household nick-knacks
The detector will be used to conduct research in the areas of structural biology and cell biology, and will involve the recording of images on unstained, rapidly-frozen specimens or high-pressure frozen and sectioned biological material.
It's already made the rounds in living rooms, kitchens, and exteriors; now worn, unstained wood has hit bathrooms across the West.
In a sentence, Oman is a place of utter unspoiled serenity, a hidden gem to be treasured, a prized family heirloom to be respectfully passed onto the future generations - unbroken and unstained.