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But whatever it is, these subtle unstated understandings, while hardly anyone's original intention, have evolved into a fact of life for today's policymakers.
Culture is described as the set of unstated assumptions that tend to govern the value structure, and hence the behavior, of a group of people.
In any institution as big as the Army, he said, "culture is a very complex set of assumptions and unstated beliefs.
One can also sense other unstated editorial decisions in such features as the almost uniform length of the articles and the apparent restrictions on numbers of photographs.
He picks up the suggestion made by anthropologically-informed historians Robert Darnton, Peter Burke and Keith Thomas, among others, that laughter is a kind of cultural fault line that can reveal the unstated assumptions, values and modes of perception of a people.
This argument relies on the unstated assumption that the total number of infections is small enough that cases to date constitute a substantial fraction of the total infected in younger age cohorts.
After the smoke of battle had cleared, unstated but operative goals could be discerned in what had been produced.
Unstated in the article (or anywhere else as far as I know) is Bishop Barbarito's close relationship with Bishop Thomas V.
Forward contracts to repurchase an issuer's equity shares that require physical settlement in exchange for cash are initially measured at the fair value of the shares at inception, adjusted for any consideration or unstated rights or privileges, which is the same as the amount that would be paid under the conditions specified in the contract if settlement occurred immediately.
It was purchased last year--before Ingersoll International went bankrupt--for an unstated price by Dalian Machine Tool Group Co.
Acrylic by its very nature plays on shapes to venture into the realm of the unstated.
In comedy clubs across the country, the unstated can be stated, the unheard can be voiced, and the unholy can be exposed.