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These agents are associated with detrimental side effects, such as unsteadiness, memory loss, and sedation.
Signs include loss of vision in one eye, numbness or tingling in the arms or legs, double vision and unsteadiness.
Several recent studies have indicated that while thinning bones render the elderly especially vulnerable to fractures, it's the unsteadiness caused by muscle wasting in the legs that leads to falls.
Both blamed the slippery lawns for the unsteadiness in their games as they slipped and slid around the baseline and allowed their challengers to become the aggressors.
This Safe and Secure feature runs alongside New York Life's existing national ad campaign, part of an integrated marketing communications program that has helped the company's 11,900 agents drive record life insurance and annuity sales despite the continued unsteadiness of the economy.
The last time I saw so much wobbling and unsteadiness, it was after too much drink was imbibed at a slimming club Christmas Party.
Ava Clarke, aged 37, of Earlsdon, has a rare disorder which causes unsteadiness and lack of co-ordination.
The condition leads to unsteadiness and impaired co-ordination.
Mrs Smee said her sister suffered from cerebellar ataxia, which is a rare but progressive disorder that affects the nervous system and causes unsteadiness and a lack of co-ordination.
It is an umbrella term for disorders of the nervous system which cause unsteadiness and a lack of co-ordination.