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The necessity of dynamic evaluations under unsteady flow generated by NWG will be presented.
The first set of results to be discussed is the pressure losses through the stenosis for the three calculation methods (steady laminar, unsteady laminar, and unsteady transitional).
In this study, a similarity analysis for thermosolutal capillarity and a magnetic field in a thin liquid film on an unsteady elastic stretching sheet has been studied.
On the other hand, only a few studies have been reported on the problem of unsteady boundary layer flow due to a stretching sheet.
The three-dimensional flight trajectories and orientations of bumblebees were observed in three flow conditions: smooth flow, the unsteady wake of a vertical cylinder (inducing strong lateral disturbances), and the unsteady wake of a horizontal cylinder (inducing strong vertical disturbances).
1887 Feb 17: Light a little unsteady, at times brightening up to about 14.
People will struggle to tell the difference between alcohol and our drinks except they will not feel unsteady," the Daily Express quoted Nutt as saying.
In this paper, we study the steady and unsteady incompressible viscous non-Newtonian second grade fluid flows for which the vorticity is = A( - Ux - UCy - BU372).
The 37-year-old was unsteady on her feet and it all got a bit messy when staff had to help her get out of her limo and into the venue.
She appeared unsteady on the steps of her Belgravia home in central London and needed support from two helpers to stay on her feet yesterday.
Historically, it is assumed that phenomenological expressions that relate wall shear stress to cross sectional averaged velocity in steady state flows remain valid under unsteady conditions.