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Does the movie show people of color, older people, or low-income people in unstereotyped ways?
The early computer was a really primitive affair, not only was it electronically unreliable but the means of using it were awkward and unstereotyped, often bearing indelibly the imprint of the groups of people who designed it.
Kelly's stories of individual women prisoners are unstereotyped, more intimate than her portrayals of Iraqis, with more surprises.
As Dennett observes, "watching a film with a highly original and unstereotyped plot, we see the hero smile at the villain and we all swiftly and effortlessly arrive at the same complex theoretical diagnosis: 'Aha
Miller finds Wroth remarkable for her versatility and unstereotyped positioning of women as subjects with various types of identities.
In fact Bring It On includes an openly and proudly gay male cheerleader who is both sympathetic and unstereotyped (admittedly his is a very small role)--and the film clearly disapproves of the homophobic football "jocks" who regularly taunt him.
The media require support and advice in processing and disseminating unstereotyped gender data.
Such unstereotyped drilling also has been recorded for corbulids from mid-Cretaceous to Miocene localities in the United States and Great Britain (Taylor et al.
What you have from Beijing is a mixed bag of completely appropriate appeals for fairness and unstereotyped reporting, but on the other hand, disturbing calls for the creation of mechanisms to try to ensure this, that cut across the idea of complete media independence.
Then a few years ago I found more opportunities to perform and tour as a solo, and I got excited about creating parts for myself that were interesting and unstereotyped.
Riegert has been given a blessedly unstereotyped role: a man who clearly has options other than the family business on the Lower East Side, but who has made the decision to stay put.