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Intersec has over the years enjoyed the unstinted support of Dubai Civil Defence, Dubai Police and relevant local authorities.
HIS Majesty King Hamad's resolve to address key issues and protect national security, stability and unity came in for unstinted praise yesterday.
Thank you Mr Bratton for offering your unstinted goodwill.
In your quest for progress, economic development and social harmony, you can always count on India's unstinted support," S M Krishna told Rabbani.
Ms McEnerney was nominated by her colleague Sue Price, who said Julie had "an unstinted commitment and always makes time to listen and help".
Instead of seeing the wisdom of the Founders, "The progressives chafed against the ways the Constitution's 'internal and external controls' divided and constrained government, thwarting the project of delivering single, unstinted power to disinterested experts.
He added that what was achieved in the sector is entirely due to the unstinted efforts of all those engaged in the statistical work area.
He also extended Tehran's unstinted support to a "unified Lebanon and its government".
The relationship flourished under Ankara's then unstinted reliance on Washington's patronage.
A sixth award was presented to Homeidan, for her unstinted support of the project.
I do hope this venerable institution will continue to have your unstinted support.