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The organisation said the award was for Zeta Jones' "worldwide stature in the film and theatre industries, her unstinting pride in Wales, her generosity in support of Welsh causes and her role as an ambassador for Wales in the United States of America".
LOOK FOR unstinting maintenance, lots of old bills, Fuchs alloys and a funky 70s colour like viper green or orange.
Bryan South, secretary of the association, said: "We want to thank Cllr Edwards for his unstinting work and help in bringing to fruition some of the issues we have been fighting for.
The Tommy Cooper Society is grateful for his unstinting support of our efforts to establish the Caerphilly Workmen's Hall as a centre of good family entertainment of which Stan is the country's leading light.
Ashour praised the UAE for its unstinting support for and its significant contributions to the development of the organisation, particularly during the UAE's tenure as the current rotational president of the organisation.
The gesture reflects the President's commitment to and unstinting support for sports and the youth sector.
Hampshire Cricket has been hugely privileged to have enjoyed the unstinting loyalty of this living legend since 2000.
Given that his latest employer likes reviews, Ryan might consider conducting his own into how British racing treats overseas journalists, balanced against the assisted passages and unstinting help that such as Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Breeders' Cup give to foreign visitors.
Trichet deserves enormous credit for his unstinting toughness in resisting politically driven attempts to erode the integrity of his institution.
Nick Paul, chairman of Advantage West Midlands, said: "Mick's commitment to Advantage West Midlands since he joined in 1999 has been unstinting.
Which is why I was delighted this week with the announcement that the Campaign To Save Cricket At Jesmond had done just that after two years of unstinting lobbying.
The company took the process of taking a building from acquisition to final sale--usually a local endeavor--and systematized the marketing, software, and mortgage processing, while offering unstinting customer service.