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CAMFAM is also partnering on the production with Liberty University, as it did in a previous film release, UNSTOPPABLE .
Elba further said that he likes the entire 1970s-era with their typical haircuts and style, and he chose a character that is stereotypically a nerd who is not 'sporty-looking', but later turns out to be very good at the game and is unstoppable when he starts to let himself go.
I chose the Unstoppable Foundation for three reasons," Spence said.
The first prize VIP tickets will include the chance to have your picture taken backstage with Joe at 7pm, an hour before the concert, a signed copy of the new Unstoppable Momentum album and a Joe Satriani European Tour T-shirt.
TRUE-LIFE TALE Denzel Washington battles a runaway train as Frank Barnes in Unstoppable
Unstoppable is a breathlessly orchestrated thrill ride that spends the minimum amount of time fleshing out Frank and Will as flawed fathers, before contriving a nightmarish scenario for both men to redeem themselves in the eyes of their children.
No-frills simplicity usually works in action films, but Unstoppable is slightly disappointing.
Like any great striker if you switch off he will punish you, but no man is unstoppable.
Unstoppable is smart, effectively presented and manages to balance theory with a raft of good examples.
In Orjan Andersson's Come Out, four girls leap and languish, ephemeral as youth in fast, unison movement driven by Steve Reich's unstoppable beat.
I recognize the serf-creation in this daredevil woman, unstoppable even in the face of severe punishments for her "unnatural" behavior.
Tahoe could burn and if it does, it will be virtually unstoppable," declared Bonnicksen.