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A comprehensive characterization of the pipes' Charpy properties in both unstrained and strained conditions was carried out.
High reliability and the decreasing of the maintenance time are assured by sliding guides with high hardness, rigorous unstrained as position, only as thickness, in order to assure the free distance gliding of sliders.
If constraints imposed on the process variable are active, performance assessment using unstrained benchmark will deem to fail.
To evaluate the efficacy of different protocols, we measured and analyzed the parameters of (1) ultimate tensile stress (newtons/square millimeter), derived from the ultimate load divided by the original unstrained cross-sectional area; (2) ultimate tensile strength ([F.
His abiding commitment, rather, is to a poetic utterance that, whatever its quotient of strangeness, is unfailingly natural and unstrained.
Over the twenty-day period, ALP, total protein and calcium levels increased in strained and unstrained cells.
In comparing both versions back and forth, I was repeatedly struck at how much more natural and unstrained the sound was on the Telarc compared to the RCA.
MAKE a pot of tea with leaf tea and pour some unstrained into a smooth, plain cup, preferably white.
In addition to cones, spruce leaves were also abundant, comprising 4-6% of the unstrained sediment.
Acceleration is brisk and the fuel consumption good while the motorway cruising ability is unstrained.
Acceleration is brisk and fuel consumption good while the motorway cruising ability is unstrained.