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As the right seat pilot started to unstrap and prepare to exit the aircraft, we started to fuel.
They would see their 16-year-old get out her father's fork that is bent in a 90 degree angle and unstrap the safety belt placed around his chest as the red-haired 6-year-old hops off the wheelchair's footrests and up into his own chair.
In the meantime I had to unstrap two expectant children from the car, retrieve favourite toys and keep them amused while we waited for him to arrive.
You've got to go to 150 kilometers (about 93 miles) and give them time to unstrap and float around.
It is the responsibility of a driver to ensure that children travelling in a car are properly restrained by a correctly-fitted seat belt, but many still do not, claiming the children unstrap themselves.
EL SEGUNDO - If they could only unstrap themselves from the electrical-stimulation machines long enough, bend a thumb without yelping, walk a few feet without something throbbing, the Lakers might look up and notice the collision course they've charted - and worry.
He had tried to unstrap himself and had forced himself upright in his seat.
It took some time to do this, because of the gunner's belt and need to unstrap.
As the astonished flyer made an emergency approach at 40mph, he noticed his passenger unstrap his safety belt, stand up, jump on the wing and leap from the plane.
Shutting down, I begin to unstrap as another aircraft bolters.
I wanted to unstrap her from her buggy - I just wanted to lift her, to hold her.
A TEENAGER died yesterday as she struggled to unstrap herself from a capsized boat in a sea loch.