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While it wins praise for its patient-centered approach and potential cost savings, the field remains largely unstudied, leaving practitioners with little evidence to improve methods.
The findings show that the Yedoma region, which has previously remained unstudied because of its remoteness, is releasing huge amounts of carbon from vast walls of ice which are collapsing into the sea.
The first specimen was discovered by a team of Soviet paleontologists in 1979 but remained unstudied for more than thirty years.
That such an atrocity took place less than 100 years ago and yet has remained an obscure, mostly unstudied occurrence is reason enough to see this film.
These include marine sources across all domains of life, endophytic and free-living fungi and bacteria, terrestrial invertebrates, and unstudied plant groups.
The fossils were found near Mengzi, Yunnan province, in 1989 but were left unstudied until 2008.
s Undersecretary, Thomas Nedis as saying: "We are heading towards studying taking such a step next year," adding that "we do now is to avoid taking unstudied decisions that may harm thousands of American citizens working in Iraq.
Infection-fighting substances have been found on the skin of amphibians and some fishes, but despite the fact that elasmobranchs--stingrays, skates and sharks--seem to heal quickly and completely from even severe injuries while avoiding infection, this process has gone largely unstudied.
Most of us have been presented but three options for preserving cognitive function: (1) the prevention status quo described above; (2) taking a handful of pills unstudied in combination; (3) awaiting a scientific breakthrough.
Disarmingly honest, acutely unstudied and bearing elements of truth if you read between the lines.
The transformation from a near-socialist system to a capitalist one was rushed and unstudied.
The failure to properly treat a pregnant woman can affect both herself and her fetus, and protecting fetuses from research-related risk may ironically put them at greater risk from unstudied clinical interventions.