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But he preferred to go on believing in the mythology about himself because there at least he remained strong and unsubdued.
83) Dictating this boundary line to the frontier tribes, still unsubdued and largely hostile to the United States, was, as Washington recognized, a sensitive matter.
Compson's testimony as to her intelligence and wherewithal, is most often viewed as the faithful family retainer whose actions are naive, but whose spirit is unsubdued and loyalty to her white family unquestioned.
But Arthur began bouncing his rubber ball on the tiled floor, his excitement unsubdued.
The laboring man "leans less upon others than any man in the community" (1: 326), and the "Peasant, and he who lives by the fair reward of manual labour, has ordinarily a larger sense of proportion of his gratifications dependent upon these thoughts--than, for the most part, men in other classes have"; the "poorest Peasant, in an unsubdued land, feels this pride" (1: 328).
Anticipating "the conquest of all that remained unsubdued of his heart" (89), Elizabeth regrets the absence of Wickham, who signals by his absence both his guilt regarding Darcy and his disinclination to ally himself matrimonially with the relatively unconnected and impecunious Elizabeth.
He believed that the earlier material Shakespeare drew on, by its very savagery, is not only unsubdued, but occasionally erupts, like the assertion of the myriad dead in us.
He is blinded but unsubdued, and there are recurrent references to the steady growth of his hair and beard.
And saw their pomp reflected in the stream, / As Tintern saw; and, to this day beholds / Her faded image in the depths of Wye; / Of solemn port smitten but unsubdued / She stands" (467-80).