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To him, it is the right of a man to be a man, and not a brute; the right to call the wife of his bosom is wife, and to protect her from lawless violence; the right to protect and educate his child; the right to have a home of his own, a religion of his own, a character of his own, unsubject to the will of another.
The most spontaneous thing in the video may have been the papers in the tableau of Chatterton, which Shonibare animated to skitter across the floor, like mice, unsubject to rule.
Becket is an uncompromising Catholic in a pre-Reformation and Roman sense: "Whatever the Church owns--she holds it in / Free and perpetual altos, unsubject to / One earthly sceptre," though acknowledging Rome's political corruption.
You need to know that the person who is taking your dream and your bank account into their hands is not only twice as much in love with your property as you are, but is also as technically gifted as a brain-surgeon, entirely unsubject to lapses of concentration and, in terms of character, as spotless as the Holy Ghost.