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And when such as had come in contact with Strickland in the past, writers who had known him in London, painters who had met him in the cafes of Montmartre, discovered to their amazement that where they had seen but an unsuccessful artist, like another, authentic genius had rubbed shoulders with them there began to appear in the magazines of France and America a succession of articles, the reminiscences of one, the appreciation of another, which added to Strickland's notoriety, and fed without satisfying the curiosity of the public.
Van Baerle, from whose thoughts the three bulbs were never absent, made a snare for catching the pigeons, baiting the birds with all the resources of his kitchen, such as it was for eight slivers (sixpence English) a day; and, after a month of unsuccessful attempts, he at last caught a female bird.
It was evident that his night's hunting had been unsuccessful and that he had expected to make a meal off of us.
And as most probably she liked Tom as well as he liked her, so when she perceived his backwardness she herself grew proportionably forward; and when she saw he had entirely deserted the house, she found means of throwing herself in his way, and behaved in such a manner that the youth must have had very much or very little of the heroe if her endeavours had proved unsuccessful.
With them he pushed off; and, after much weary pulling, and many perilous, unsuccessful onsets, he at last succeeded in getting one iron fast.
Out of the eight vessels attacked, four were successful and the other four attacks were unsuccessful.
A spokesman of Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Friday said in a statement that the names of unsuccessful Government Hajj Scheme applicants would be included in the second hajj balloting if they opt to retain their deposited hajj dues in their respective Banks.
The previous practice was that after balloting the unsuccessful applicants' money was returned.
KARACHI -- The Board of Intermediate Education (BIEK) Karachi has announced the date for submission of examination forms for unsuccessful students of part-I and part-II combined annual examination of 2018.
Several studies have examined risk factors for unsuccessful or traumatic LP.
Of the internet connections recorded, only 22 were unsuccessful and 18 disconnected
Contract notice: On call offers lots of the following works "supply of consumables sterile single use surgical and percutaneous of abord and consumables of sterile surgical instruments" declared unsuccessful.