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New technology permits companies like HDT Global to develop easy-to-assemble, lightweight, durable deployable shelters that are easier and faster to set up yet can withstand harsh environments and be unsupplied for longer periods of time, (SSGT IAN TERRY, U.
It has been argued by Bental (1982) that by observing firms' behaviour with respect to the acquisition of own generating power, the marginal cost of unsupplied electric energy may be inferred.
The work described in this publication is a part of projects: Research of the Reliability of Power Systems in Connection with Non-traditional Ecological Sources of Energy and Valuation of Unsupplied Energy, code: MSM 6198910007, and also: Using of Hybrid Renewable Sources of Electrical Energy, code: SP/201073.
Cross-border power integration could also help to promote electrification, both by ensuring greater reliability of supply and by constructing transmission lines through previously unsupplied or undersupplied rural areas.
What would become of a Greenland whale, say, in those shuddering, icy seas of the North, if unsupplied with his cosy surtout?
This focus suggests several observations: the clashes were small, machine guns jammed, communications were rudimentary, food was scarce, and soldiers often were undernourished and unsupplied.
Cost of Energy not Supplied (CENS) Models--interruption costs are modeled as a function of the unsupplied energy, regardless of the interruption duration and frequency.
The blank left by words wanted but unsupplied has sometimes an unnameably putrid cadaverous meaning.
Although Lee's force was defeated in the field on several occasions, and ultimately lost the Confederacy itself, it is remembered mostly for its ability to fight and travel virtually unsupplied, and for the audacity and cunning of its most famous leader.
They are thus under-resourced (as may be the case for authentication services) or unsupplied (e.