unsupported by evidence

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Copeland's personal feelings, the insinuation and innuendo of which are wholly unsupported by evidence.
If any proposal to carry forward this option is taken forward by the hospital, I think it would be likely to be challenged on a legal basis, because it would be irrational and unsupported by evidence.
Sometimes, in fact, more information can heighten people's concerns and prompt them to act in ways unsupported by evidence.
The JIC attempts to support its conclusions on other alleged attacks, which remain unsupported by evidence.
Despite these assurances, C4 Dispatches insisted on maintaining their anonymity because, Ryanair believes, these individuals know that their claims are false and unsupported by evidence.
Most arguments for domain-specific innate biological endowment, saltational language evolution, semantic internalism, and computational optimality have been proposed for decades and are unsupported by evidence and/or citation of sources.
The Chancery Court may reverse or modify the decision if the rights of the licensee have been prejudiced because the administrative findings, inferences, conclusions, or decisions are: in violation of constitutional or statutory provisions; in excess of the statutory authority of the agency; made upon unlawful procedure; arbitrary or capricious or characterized by abuse of discretion or clearly unwarranted exercise of discretion; or unsupported by evidence that is both substantial and material in the light of the entire record.
The once highly attractive notion that boosting HDL cholesterol levels will reduce cardiovascular event rates is now dead-or more generously, it remains unsupported by evidence despite expenditure of billions of dollars on negative clinical trials.
Recorder Stephen Campbell said Sohal's account was "wholly unsupported by evidence despite time to provide such" and branded it "unreliable, deliberately dishonest and frankly incredible".
The narrative of 'intelligence failure' attempts to obfuscate the truth of the matter, which is that senior government officials repeatedly lied and willfully deceived the public by making claims unsupported by evidence and by deliberately withholding any information that contradicted their allegations," he added.
His words followed a familiar pattern whereby Pakistan routinely denies the presence of al-Qaeda figures inside its territory, describing any reports to the contrary as mere allegations unsupported by evidence.
THE latest letter from Councillor Janet Griffiths (May 30) contains UKIP''s usual mixture of claims unsupported by evidence, and repetition of known inaccuracies.