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Again, only a small number, four per cent, are unsure.
Support Oppose Unsure Margin Quinnipac 25 55 * 20 -30 Aug 20-25 CNN/ORC 41 56 * 2 -15 Aug 13-16 Monmouth U.
While there are many destinations for the decided woman, Third Box is the only organization solely focused on meeting the needs of the unsure woman in America," said Shari Plunkett, President and CEO.
The teachers are also in a dilemma as they are unsure of the syllabus they have to teach.
Meanwhile, more than 18 per cent said they are still unsure on how they will vote on September 18.
Our careers advisers are here on Friday lunch time to help anyone unsure about their future.
I hit some good quality shots and I am going in tomorrow with an unsure but positive attitude, rather than an unsure but negative attitude.
The events are aimed at young people about to leave school who may be unsure about what to do next.
Global Banking News-March 12, 2013--Corporates unsure of stability of core banking teams, says Ernst & Young(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
Also, Lane County deputy district attorney Dave Hopkins said he agreed to Gleich's plea deal because he was unsure of the level of Gleich's criminal activity at the time he struck Pelkey, and thus unsure he could have obtained a conviction on a more serious manslaughter charge.
Summary: Experts believe a faulty space probe could plummet back to Earth in the new year, but are still unsure of where it will land.
We were once happily married, but I wanted to have children and he was unsure.