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This was done unsurpassably by Ian Kershaw: Hitler 1889-1936: Hubris; Hitler 1936-1945:Nemesis (London: Penguin 1998, 2000).
it has to some extent demeaned the family, and the unsurpassably important role of mother, wife, and child .
This unsurpassably clever heroine maintains, for much of the novel, that she has no desire to get married herself, that she is perfectly happy and satisfied as head mistress of Hartfield.
49) Although God reveals God's self universally only throughout the entire course of the yet open-ended universal history, God is proleptically revealed fully and unsurpassably in Jesus of Nazareth in whom the Kingdom breaks into history.
For of all the Friends who were thought to have a share of his affections, he loved him [Hephaestion] the most; and after his death he honoured him unsurpassably.
Still more brilliant are his staccatos, which he renders unsurpassably, both up-bow and down-bow .
This strategy has in fact been evident for almost a year, and the failure to anticipate humanitarian needs on the scale that we now see needs that are dramatically increasing is an unsurpassably disgraceful act of omission on the part of the UN and the broader international community.