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Unsurprising therefore, that when described by co-designer Francesca Hughes, philosophical, poetic and thematic references abound.
By the end of the book, the characters have all begun to reconcile and find happiness in unsurprising but honest and believable ways.
In an unsurprising move, the new Birdhouse team manager (who was formerly the 5Boro team manager) has added the underground hirsute powerhouse Aaron Suski (formerly of 5Boro) to the Birdhouse program where he will join fellow former 5Boro-er Anthony Shetler and MN's Steve Nesser.
The unsurprising result: With taxes reduced but spending unchecked, deficits make a comeback and keep growing in 2010, even before the entitlement explosion we'll see as the baby boomers retire.
But as the group included former members of Savoy Brown and Whitesnake, it was unsurprising they maintained a high quality level with songs such as Gimme Some Lovin' and High Tide, High Water.
In the case of Frum, a former White House speechwriter who is more a political jingle-writer with an ear for a polemical catch phrase than a foreign-policy expert, the book's bludgeoning tone is unsurprising.
Although the work is self-consciously avant-garde and unsurprising in its experimental look and intellectual approach, the dancers moved articulately, often unfolding unexpectedly into beautiful shapes and movement phrases.
The French part of Engster's story, told as it is in four chapters, is perhaps somewhat unsurprising but at least it is fairly comprehensive.
However, this scarcity is unsurprising because image-based reports were new in 2002 and not yet well known.
On the heels of the Port's unsurprising appeal of the ruling, which could result in the pipelines being reimbursed for more than $70 million of their relocation costs, the pipeline group has now filed a cross appeal.
Analysis of the air samples taken over a six-day period both inside and outside the houses showed that average indoor HONO concentrations were higher than outdoor concentrations, which was unsurprising, given that HONO quickly breaks down outdoors in the presence of sunlight.
Given the myriad of manufacturers boasting the benefits of their new and miraculous "space-age" designs, this proves unsurprising.