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Unsurprisingly, hearing this news shocked them, and I wager the government documents I mailed to the daughter shocked her even more.
Over half (58%) of those who favour Virgin Atlantic do so because they like the brand while, unsurprisingly, easyJet customers are primarily attracted by low fares (85%).
The two interlocutors--an androgynous art student with a thick accent and an African American actress, both hired by the artist--never inquire directly about political parties or current events, but the responses they receive are perhaps unsurprisingly, given the political climate, addressed largely to these subjects nevertheless.
Unsurprisingly, the price tag raised alarm bells among parents, who feared that it would detract from textbooks and teacher salaries.
Unsurprisingly, this means the government loses money on the program.
Unsurprisingly, cricket hero Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff won sportsman of the year.
Unsurprisingly, each camp is invoking the spirit of Jerusalem itself to promote their cause, claiming that the city--holy to Muslims, Christians, and Jews--symbolizes everything WorldPride either celebrates or sullies.
Unsurprisingly, she argues, commercialized sexuality was intimately tied to ideas of race and racial identity that were, in some ways, unique to New Orleans.
Community organizing is, unsurprisingly, community based.
Sounding a bit cranky and, unsurprisingly, holier-than-thou, Jones III was not altogether in high spirits about America: "In your re-election, God has graciously granted America--though she doesn't deserve it--a reprieve from the agenda of paganism.
While American Civil Liberties Union attorney Margaret Crosby, who filed a brief against the charity, hailed the decision as a "great victory for California women and for reproductive freedom," California Catholic Conference (CCC) spokeswoman Carol Hogan is, unsurprisingly, less sanguine.
Unsurprisingly, top executives react to large option grants by exercising options and by selling vested shares out of their portfolios.