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Unsurprisingly, hearing this news shocked them, and I wager the government documents I mailed to the daughter shocked her even more.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the research by Kwells travel sickness remedy shows that the top reason for a bad journey is traffic and congestion.
Community organizing is, unsurprisingly, community based.
Sounding a bit cranky and, unsurprisingly, holier-than-thou, Jones III was not altogether in high spirits about America: "In your re-election, God has graciously granted America--though she doesn't deserve it--a reprieve from the agenda of paganism.
While American Civil Liberties Union attorney Margaret Crosby, who filed a brief against the charity, hailed the decision as a "great victory for California women and for reproductive freedom," California Catholic Conference (CCC) spokeswoman Carol Hogan is, unsurprisingly, less sanguine.
Unsurprisingly, top executives react to large option grants by exercising options and by selling vested shares out of their portfolios.
Considering the editors' philological stance, the volume's apparatus is unsurprisingly extensive.
One for those who rue the demise of vinyl and for the more fanatical factions of Ultraman aficionados, the "8" Portable Record Player from Bandai plays, rather unsurprisingly, retro Bandai tunes from classic cartoon shows.
Kenny takes the reader through the issues in an unsurprisingly clear and persuasive manner.
Unsurprisingly, Heslip is now pitching a feature-length script.
Unsurprisingly, 15 per cent of people said their debts were spiralling out of control or keeping them awake at night.
Derby is the cheapest city in mainland UK for business travellers while London is, unsurprisingly, the most expensive.