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Having established the absence of any such consensus, the Court employed its independent judgment to discern deep national traditions unsusceptible to legislative revision.
Since the Coriolis is unsusceptible to variations of physical properties such as temperature, pressure or viscosity, one can achieve highly accurate and reliable measurements.
The Sage holds his cognitions firmly and securely such that they are unsusceptible to being overturned, while the Fool has a weak grip on what he believes.
Not surprisingly, therefore, the core public sector that remains is particularly unsusceptible to this contractual approach.
2003) (testatrix "was an indomitable, fiercely independent individual, who was peculiarly unsusceptible to the influence of others, and who retained that individuality and strength of mind.
Thus, although the lynx seems potentially unsusceptible to limitations of gene flow at a large spatial scale, there are apparently some constraints limiting their movements.
26), but ultimately the statues remain as unsusceptible as the "rock-still shadows of the hills" in "Karoo Town, 1939".
Its amphoteric nature allows S-111 to be unsusceptible to the differences in pH, which provides hard water resistance and imparts excellent wetting, spreading, leveling, and flow control properties.
Granting, of course, that the word "nature" is simply impossible: unsusceptible of definition, it includes man and woman in its purview and so excludes nothing men and women have ever done or thought.
Simple, fair, impartial and unsusceptible to influence by any person or group.
invadans, the presence of acidification provided an opportunity to invade and proliferate within the soft tissue of previously unsusceptible fish.