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While this important announcement lay unsuspected in Mr.
Mother wouldn't mind I'm sure," said Lucy, but again had the sense of larger and unsuspected issues.
At what unsuspected comedies and tragedies have they not assisted
If only we could gain my haven unobserved, there we might lie in unsuspected hiding, and by the hour, if not for days and nights.
The stratagem was good while it was unsuspected, but after that the marauders simply gave the sagacious United States mail an emetic and sat down to wait.
He had found, not himself, as the phrase goes, but a new soul with unsuspected powers.
A passing Arab and two slaves saw them, but the night was dark and the white burnooses hid the hairy limbs of the apes and the giant figure of their leader, so that the three, by squatting down as though in conversation, were passed by, unsuspected.
And incidentally," the detective continued, glancing cautiously at his companion, "it is the price of my leaving unsuspected the murderer of two innocent men
Yet it is my impression that there is in London, undetected and unsuspected, a marvellous system of German espionage, a company of men who have sold themselves to the enemy, whose names we should have considered above reproach.
Of only one thing was he sure, and that was that whatever she said or did was bound to be unexpected and unsuspected.
For more than a year I managed, unsuspected, to keep the Privy Purse fairly supplied by the exercise of my caricaturing abilities.
United by a spiritual bond, undiscovered and unsuspected by us in the flesh, did we two, who had met as strangers on the fatal bridge, know each other again in the trance?