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The more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustained I am, the more I will respect myself.
On the one hand, there were ladies no less important than the two Miss Gunns, the wine merchant's daughters from Lytherly, dressed in the height of fashion, with the tightest skirts and the shortest waists, and gazed at by Miss Ladbrook (of the Old Pastures) with a shyness not unsustained by inward criticism.
But as I am persuaded that no one can long persevere in the attempt to win love unsustained by some hope, I am willing to attribute to myself the blame of thy assurance, for no doubt some thoughtlessness of mine has all this time fostered thy hopes; and therefore will I punish myself and inflict upon myself the penalty thy guilt deserves.
She said the key reason for Pakistan lagging behind most regional and Muslim countries in improving its reproductive health indicators was wavering political commitment and unsustained support by the past governments on the population issue.
The strictures were resected endoscopically, and repeated balloon dilation under fluoroscopic guidance over the course of 10 months resulted in immediate but unsustained improvement.
Currently, data gathering activities occur sporadically and are uncoordinated and unsustained, as the data itself most often lies in a silo that is inaccessible to others.
May 11, 2010) (contesting disclosure of unsustained allegations as Brady material); see also Complaint for Damages & Demand for Jury Trial at 8-9, Riley v.
These molecules are responsible for systemic toxicity effects and their removal is negligible or unsustained in current systems available for the treatment of renal, hepatic and multiple organ failure (MOF) related to sepsis.
High-risk cytogenetics and persistent minimal residual disease by multiparameter flow cytometry predict unsustained complete response after autologous stem cell transplantation in multiple myeloma.
Then the rehearsal is a disaster, and the private audience, enthusiastically applauding the bungling lady pupils, has little attention for the gifted teacher: "Ellis was unprotected, unsustained, unknown" (315)--a trio of adjectives that recalls the pathos of the ghost in Hamlet, "unhouseled, disappointed, unaneled" (1.
They can respond to them, according to Confucius, although they themselves can never generate them or possess them unsustained by external examples and without the provision of favorable conditions.
However, in Australia, there has been at best a fragmented and unsustained dialogue between the disciplines of psychology and anthropology after the flat rejection of psychoanalytic accounts by some influential anthropologists.